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About Suck My Podcast

We are a group of friends and family that have decided to do video game reviews from a different gaming perspective. On our staff is Greg, who is our pro console gamer (in our unprofessional opinion), Lauren who is our casual console gamer (with profound abilities in dancing games, instrumental games and Randy's nuts), and Randy who is our PC gamer, go to guy for MMO-RPGs, and ESL specialist. (yes by ESL we mean English second language. Unfortunately for him, it is secondary to, well, nothing..)

Our goal is to review games, as well as other miscellaneous types of entertainment, from all different levels of gaming (casual to pro). Everything on this site is uncensored and offensive.

Honestly, we don't really get to talk about anything of importance. We pretty much just make fun of one another for about 45 minute rants at a time.

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